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F# Function Overloading

F# is a strongly typed, multi-paradigm (functional and object-oriented) programming language. This post will focus on the functional part of the language and how to handle function overloading or rather the lack of it. Function overloading can be based on either the type argument or the arity number of the function, and I will touch both variants.

Erlang Shell Cheat Sheet

The erlang shell, erl, is a great tool while developing erlang code. Since I’m writing code in erlang sporadically I thought that writing a cheat sheet for the erl shell might help me to remember the basic commands better.

FAKE - F# Make

I have inherited a legacy system written in C++ and Visual Basic 6.0 at work. This system is heavily based on COM and COM+ and have around 40 components and several dependencies on 3:rd part libs. This project is a nightmare to build and deploy at the moment. So how could I make my work easier and more fun when working with this project?

New Blog Engine

Got tired (and lack of time) of building my own blog engine from scratch. There are also some limitations with my web hosting service which made some things more difficult for me. I had to find something new.

Pipeline Operator in F#

First time I came in contact with a pipeline operator was on the linux command shell (bash) several years ago. It amazed me how powerful this little operator could be to compose more complicated commands.


This technique feels like it’s mandatory to describe if you are writing a book about functional programming. That might be because it emphasize the side effect free property of languages in this genre. However this technique can be used in a imperative language as well.